Course Locations 2018

Dr. Huffines Course Locations 2018

Rocky Mountain Dental Convention, Denver 1/18/18:
  Pills, Pastes, Potions and Lotions

Yankee Dental Congress, Boston 1/25/18:
  Successfully Treating Older Adults
  Caries Prevention for High-Risk Adults

Star of the South, Houston 2/1/18 and 2/2/18:
  Root Caries: Proven Techniques for Frustrating Situations
  Prosthodontic Pearls
  Successfully Treating Older Adults
  Immediate Dentures

Triple-Win Seattle Study Club, Miami 2/8/18:
  Prevention for the High-Risk Caries Patient
  Restoring the High-Risk Caries Patient

Salem Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Doctors Day, Winston Salem 2/16/18:
  Preparing the Old Mouth for New Teeth
  Avoiding Implant Overdenture Mistakes

Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2/24/18:
  Successfully Treating Older Adults
  Restoring Root Caries

Ohio Academy of General Dentistry, Cleveland 2/9/18:
  Update on Medicine for Dentistry
  Pills, Pastes, Potions, and Lotions

Hinman Dental Meeting  3/22/18,  3/23/18,  3/24/18:
  Restoring the High-Risk Caries Patient (repeated twice)
  Xtreme Prevention

Harrisburg Area Dental Society, PA 4/20/18
 Successfully Treating Older Adults: Techniques for the Entire Dental Team

Oregon AGD 4/27/18 and 4/28/18
 Special Patient Care Lecture and Workshop (MasterTrack course 750)

Texas Dental Association, San Antonio 5/3/18 and 5/4/18
  Update on Medicine for Dentistry 2018
  Overcoming Implant Overdenture Pitfalls
  Xtreme prevention in Older Baby Boomers
  Restorative Challenges in Older Baby Boomers

Virginia Dental Association, Homestead Resort, 9/21/18 and 9/22/18
  Preparing the Old Mouth for New Teeth
  Prevention for the High-Risk Caries Patient
  Restoring the High-Risk Caries Patient

Illinois AGD 10/26/18
  Success with Older and Medically Complex Adults



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